We recently EXPANDED & now have MORE GUITAR, VOCAL, BASS, DRUM and PIANO LESSONS for students of all ages. Beginners to an Advanced level.
We have
PRIVATE LESSONS,BAND CLASS, CONCERT CLASS, SCHOOL HOLIDAY WORKSHOPS & JAM SESSIONS. Drop into our school at 1/9 Brooks Avenue WYOMING or call us on 43296637 for enrolments & inquiries.

Unlike most music schools, that have the occasional or yearly concert often thrown together as an after thought, our students GIG AT THE END OF EVERY TERM! We believe this is THE most important thing we do.There's no point in being the worlds best "bedroom musician". Our BAND CLASS & CONCERT CLASS students get up on stage using a REAL PA SYSTEM & PERFOM TO REAL CROWDS. Our gigs are always great fun and are THE BEST MOTIVATION to keep students playing and practicing for the next BIG GIG!

We specialise in music lessons for kids (from 6 years) & love seeing our little rockers blossom into great musicians. If you like a little ROCK with your MUSIC LESSONS & live in the GOSFORD area ROCKGOD MUSIC SCHOOL is the destination for you.

Our "Curriculum of Rock" is OUR VERY OWN METHOD of tuition which uses CLASSIC & CURRENT ROCK, POP, PUNK, METAL & BLUES SONGS and arranges them in an order that teaches you what you need to know when you need to know it. We use songs from the Guitar Hero game, classic tracks by Led Zeppelin, ACDC, Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath, Iron Maiden, Metallica, Pink Floyd and current tracks by Kings of Leon, Green Day, Jet, Linkin Park and many, many more. No more "What song do you want to learn this week?" approach instead a WELL THOUGHT OUT tried & tested method that Teaches you TECHNIQUE & MUSIC THEORY using the songs YOU want to play.

ROCKGOD MUSIC SCHOOL is also the home of ROCKTOTS, our music appreciation program for pre-school kids between 2 & 5 years of age. YOU'RE NEVER TOO YOUNG TO ROCK, so why not get your kids learning what REAL music is all about before they go to big school! The program encourages, SINGING, MOVEMENT, PERFORMING, DANCE & PLAYING PERCUSSION & MUSICAL INSTRUMENTS. For more information check out our ROCKTOTS page.

OLD SCHOOL is our new program for adult students who have played in the past or who are currently taking lessons. If you’re a muso who hasn't picked up the guitar or the drum sticks in a while and are looking for an excuse to get playing again then OLD SCHOOL is the program for you.

For those about to ROCK ....... we can teach YOU!
1/9 Brooks Ave WYOMING NSW 2250. CENTRAL COAST NSW only 5 mins from GOSFORD CBD.